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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Activities & Packages
  • Booking
  • Onsite & Clothing

Activities & Packages

  • What are the packages and prices available?

    Please see our "Activity List" page for packages and prices. 5 Fixed Activity Packages. Prices are per person. €25 Vertigo Package. €35 Dynamo Package. €45 Adventure Package. €65 Adrenaline Package. €74.50 Octane Package. Individual Activities Include: €39.50 Off Road Powerturn Buggies. €20 Paintball Zone. Clay Pigeon Shooting (30 Clays €40)(40 clays €50)(50 clays €60)(100 clays €95).

  • Can I change activities in the Fixed Packages?

    No, but for a very good reason. We hate queues as much as you! Therefore, activities are structured into Set Packages & Start Times, & Max Group Size of 12 participants per instructor. This ensures that on extremely busy days your next activity is always free and you have the most enjoyable day possible with no queues. At quiet times we may be able to alter a package subject to availability via our sales office on 01-6902070 only.

  • Will our group be on our own?

    Other people may be booked in at the same time and activity as you especially during busy times. All people booked in for the same activity and start time will be divided into maximum group sizes of 12 people and each group will have their own instructor.

  • Are there age restrictions?

    Yes. Suitable for ages 7+: Vertigo, Dynamo, Adventure, Adrenaline, Giant Swing, Power Fan Descender. Suitable for ages 16+: Octane, Paintball, Off Road Buggies, Clays.

  • Can my son/daughter (under 16) do activities/packages alone?

    Yes. However, you must stay onsite with them. Activities Vertigo, Dynamo, Adventure, Adrenaline, Giant Swing, Power Fan Descender (The minimum age is 7 years old accompanied by an adult. Adults/Guardians do not need to participate, this is at your own discretion. All participants under the age of 18 need to be signed in by a parent or guardian). But it is so much more fun for them when their parents/guardian joins in the fun too!

  • Can we go and watch friends and family?

    Yes, spectators are more than welcome to come along and watch the action. There is no charge for this.


  • Do I need to book in advance?

    Yes, advanced booking is required at least 24 hours in advance. Book online at www.xtreme.ie or call our sales office on 01-6902070. We accept Visa, Mastercard or Laser Cards. You will need to pay the full amount when booking. You will receive an email confirmation to confirm your booking with directions and FAQ section. Our online booking engine is usually populated 2-3 months in advance.

  • Do I need a minimum number of people to book in?

    Yes, for certain activities. Fixed Activity Ropes Packages (Vertigo, Dynamo, Adventure, Adrenaline) Summer – no minimum numbers/ Winter 6 people minimum midweek. Octane Package, Paintball, Off Road Buggies (6 people minimum) – All Seasons. Minimum numbers may be subject to change.

  • What are the opening times?

    Opening times vary depending on the season and daylight hours available. Open 7 days a week all year round. Winter Months (Mon-Weds requires a minimum of 6 people to book any activity or package). Remember you must book in advance so we have an instuctor available for you.

  • How can I check availability, and start times available?

    For small groups and individuals, please refer to our online booking engine to see the calendar. Select your dates, location, activity and participant numbers on the booking engine and the next page will display a calendar of available dates, spaces and times. Please note: Our online booking engine is usually populated 2-3 months in advance only. Please call us on 01-6902070 if you cannot find a suitable time or date.

  • Are there discounts for group bookings?

    While we cater for small groups and individuals, most people will organise a good crew for their outdoor adventure. We don’t offer discounts for public groups. We do run frequent special offers, so please see our special offers page and sign up to our email newsletter for offers.

  • Cancellations?

    You may cancel your booking once you contact us a minimum of 7 days prior to your booked start time. Cancellation requests must be made to the sales office by calling 01-6902070. You will be fully refunded.

Onsite & Clothing

  • When should I get there?

    Please ensure you arrive on time. We suggest that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your booking slot. Late arrivals who miss their session, together with on the day cancellations will be charged at full price. So please arrive in good time to avoid any stress and disappointment.

  • What should I wear?

    We advise you to wear outdoor clothing that you won’t mind getting grubby or even damaged. Dress appropriately to make sure you are warm and dry no matter what the weather. Sites are in open areas so expect high winds and rain. No open-toed or slip-off shoes, runners or ankle supporting boots are best. Long hair must be tied back, waists should be covered and body-piercings removed or taped over. Strictly no skirts are to be worn on the high ropes course. Scarves are not allowed to be worn while on the High rope course. Please note that during the summer months especially insects are attracted to strong scented perfumes, aftershaves, lotions and hair products. Jewellery is not permitted if participating at any Xtreme.ie activities. Xtreme.ie staff will not hold or mind Jewellery for Participants during events.

  • Are there changing facilities?

    There are toilets at the adventure centre where you can change. We do not have any shower facilities.

  • Is there car parking?

    Limited Free Parking is available at all Xtreme.ie main site locations.

  • What if it’s raining or bad weather?

    The great Irish weather likes to keep us on our toes and if it is raining, you may well get wet, but you can have just as much fun in the rain as you can in the sun. Always prepare for the worst weather and have waterproofs and a hat with you, just in case. Some activities are sheltered from the elements, as we have climbing walls on the inside of our activity tower and wooden archery shelters. No refunds are given if you have booked and paid but choose not to go on the course due to bad weather. Sometimes Xtreme.ie courses have to be closed at short notice when bad weather (lightning, high winds, snow or ice) makes it unsafe for them to be used. If this happens we will try to contact you. This is made easier if mobile telephone numbers have been provided at the time of booking. If we have not been able to notify you of a course closure prior to your arrival, the course manager will be able to give you the latest update on likely re-opening times.

  • Do you sell food or drinks?

    No. We recommend you bring your own water and snacks if you are here for a few hours. We are on the same location as Courtlough Shooting Grounds who run a Country Café onsite, however their opening times vary, please see www.courtlough.ie. You can contact them on 01-8413096.

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