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Corporate Activity List

On Road Treasure Hunt

Exciting on-road treasure hunt using our fleet of road-going 4×4 vehicles.

Tags outdoor   mobile   driving   treasure hunts   teamwork  

O’Houricans Poem

Cerebral giant jigsaw puzzle which is sure to encourage team collaboration.

Tags outdoor   indoor   mobile   themed Irish   cerebral   teamwork  

HD Commercial Break

Teams compete to write, direct, film and star in their very own television adverts.

Tags outdoor   indoor   interactive   teamwork  

Jail Break & Minefield

Can your team break out of the prison cell and navigate the minefield to escape?

Tags outdoor   mobile   cerebral   teamwork  

Scalextric Car Racing

Live out your Formula 1 dream with our Scalextric Car Racing game.

Tags indoor   evening   driving   fun  

Irish Legends

Unique zone within our forest in Carton House of tasks and challenges; Cuchulain’s Walk, O’Houricans Poem & Snakes Out Of Ireland

Tags outdoor   themed Irish   active   teamwork  

Wheelbarrow Racing

Race against time and manoeuver your wheelbarrow around a pre-set course.

Tags outdoor   mobile   active   fun  

Snakes Out Of Ireland

This entertaining challenge will test your teams balance, their group coordination and their communication skills.

Tags outdoor   themed Irish   active   fun   teamwork  

Raft Building

Using the materials provided, including barrels, planks and rope; your team must build a raft to escape the island.

Tags outdoor   active   teamwork  

Hex | Mental Challenge Puzzle

Hex is a mind boggling giant mental challenge puzzle that involves every single Team Members attention.

Tags outdoor   indoor   mobile   cerebral   teamwork  

Hover Hub

The Hover Hub challenge will have you flying off the handle through this cerebral, communication based course, while you battle the clock.

Tags outdoor   mobile   cerebral   teamwork  

Survivor Challenge

The better the team works together, the further they progress! Battle The Cubes, Gimbal, HEX & Temple challenges.

Tags outdoor   mobile   cerebral   active   teamwork  

Powerturn Buggies

These extraordinary vehicles have two engines and require two drivers; one for each rear wheel. Excellent communication is a must.

Tags outdoor   mobile   driving   fun   teamwork  

Xtreme Forest Adventure | GPS On Foot Treasure Hun

The Xtreme Forest Adventure is a GPS based, on foot Adventure Treasure Hunt with a twist.

Tags outdoor   active   fun   treasure hunts   teamwork  

Spiders Web

The object of this activity is to get from one side of the spiders web to the other – but without touching it!

Tags outdoor   active   teamwork  

Search & Rescue

Teams must recover the pilot of a crashed plane and deactivate the nuclear device under time constraints.

Tags outdoor   teamwork  

Corporate Sports Day

All the classic games you love so well, as well as some new additions.

Tags outdoor   mobile   target   fun   teamwork  

Tree Planting

Tree planting is a great team project while enhancing the environment.

Tags outdoor   community  

All Things Irish

Range of Traditional Irish Outdoor Activities & Games.

Tags outdoor   mobile   themed Irish   active   fun  


Competitive target sport where your strength and accuracy are tested to the full.

Tags outdoor   mobile   target   fun  

Zick Zack

Your whole team must make your way across the molten lava river using only the materials provided.

Tags outdoor   active   fun   teamwork  

4x4 Off Road Driving

Jump into our specially kitted out 4x4 Land Rover's and tackle our Off Road Driving course.

Tags outdoor   driving   fun  

Whale of a Time

Your team need good strategy and communication to build Moby - our 3D, interactive whale skeleton in the time provided.

Tags outdoor   mobile   cerebral   teamwork  

4x4 Off Road Driving

Jump into our specially kitted out 4x4 Land Rover's and tackle our Off Road Driving course.

Tags outdoor   driving   fun  

Altitude Package

High Ropes Course at Carton House. Jacobs Ladder, High all Aboard, Crate Stack, The Leap of Faith and more.

Tags outdoor   high ropes   active   fun   teamwork  

Toxic Waste

Team members must work together and manoeuvre the highly toxic waste out of the radiation zone using the limited objects provided.

Tags outdoor   indoor   cerebral   teamwork  

Creative Challenge | Smart Phone Treasure Hunt

Compete against each other in solving intriguing, location-based missions.

Tags outdoor   treasure hunts   interactive   teamwork  

Icons of Dublin | Smart Phone Treasure Hunt

Teams are challenged to visit as many as possible of 10 carefully chosen spots throughout the city.

Tags outdoor   treasure hunts   themed Irish   fun   interactive   teamwork  

Cuchulainn’s Walk

Team Obstacle Course where two Teams face off against each other in a race of speed, problem solving and hand eye coordination!

Tags outdoor   low ropes   active   teamwork  

The Compass Challenge

Compass Treasure Hunt where the group is divided into teams.

Tags outdoor   cerebral   teamwork  

Blindfold Tent Building

Group members must guide their blindfolded team mates in helping them to assemble their tent.

Tags outdoor   indoor   mobile   teamwork  

Bridge Building

This is not traditional Bridge Building as you know it! It’s far more complicated than that…

Tags outdoor   active   teamwork  

Build a Bike for Charity

Give something back to the community. Build and donate bikes for a charity of your choice.

Tags outdoor   indoor   mobile   teamwork   community  

Australian Planks

Team-mates must work together to move as one through a challenging obstacle course.

Tags outdoor   mobile   active   teamwork  


Bring a team together as they experience a water based challenge.

Tags outdoor   active  

Duke of Leinster Games

Traditional Celtic games including Puc Fada, Turf Stacking, Wellie Throwing and more.

Tags outdoor   mobile   themed Irish   active   fun  

Low Ropes

Take on the Jungle Zone or Energiser Low Ropes Course at Carton House woods.

Tags outdoor   low ropes   active   fun  

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Electronic score board system keeps track of the hot-shots as teams compete.

Tags outdoor   mobile   target   fun   interactive  

Mountain Bike Treasure Hunt

Teams will be given a hand held GPS device and personalized booklet and must navigate their way around our various bike tracks.

Tags outdoor   treasure hunts   active   fun   teamwork  

Inflatable Games

A great selection of inflatable activities for an action packed day!

Tags outdoor   mobile   active   fun  

Art Jam

Painting session where participants get to explore their creative side in a fun environment.

Tags outdoor   indoor   mobile   fun  

Thunder Races Grand Prix

Get creative! Design, build and race your teams Pedal Kart.

Tags outdoor   mobile   driving   active   fun   teamwork  

Hurling Workshops

Hurling Workshop gives you an authentic insight into hurling and is a unique opportunity to learn and experience the skills associated with the sport.

Tags outdoor   mobile   active   fun  

Army Prisoner of War Adventure | Delta 2 Bravo

This is the Ultimate High End Multi-Activity Themed War Challenge!

Tags outdoor   active   fun   teamwork  

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