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An art jam is a once off painting session where all the materials are provided and the participants get to explore their creative side in a fun environment. It gives non artist adults a platform to express themselves in full colour. The idea behind Art Jam is that everyone is creative, everyone is an artist, and while some mediums work better for some than others, everyone has creativity inside them. The basis for art jam is that it gives people space to explore that creative side in a fun setting, while also giving them space to switch off and tune into their own sub-conscious. Creative activity both stills and stimulates the mind, it creates a space for self awareness to occur and without self awareness there can be no change.

The benefits of painting are enormous as creative activity uses the right hand side of the brain which in turn triggers something in people to make them want to be the best they can be. When people do an activity that they thought they couldn’t do, which is often the case when painting, something inside them shifts and makes them believe more in themselves. Art Jamming is good for self esteem, self belief and good for the soul. It is therapeutic and relaxing, people switch off from everyday thoughts and worries and thinking is at a much deeper level. It changes people’s perceptions of their own creativity and limitations and gives people the chance for unprompted, unconscious, intuitive expression.

An art jam is a great ice-breaker as it gets people to mingle, as everyone wants to see what others are doing and discussions arise from the paintings themselves. It’s a great team building activity as everyone is on the same equal footing – there are no bosses when painting whether everyone is painting their own individual painting or painting a part of a larger image and it is suitable for anyone as there are no physical or mental restrictions.

An art jam can be tailored to suit any clients needs whether it is part of a break out session from a conference or seminar, whether a team building activity with a theme, a family day event or just a fun get together.

Fact File:
Numbers: 12 min
Locations: Anywhere
Duration: Approx 1.5 hours




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