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Environmental & Ecology Policy

The Xtreme.ie Environmental & Ecological Policy is to ensure that our service and products, does not cost the earth. To achieve this we have conducted an audit of our services and practises. We have modified many of the features and processes of the existing premises, products and services to achieve the highest possible environmental standards.

Please find below a summarised version of the company’s environmental standards and targets:

All bulbs are energy efficient as standard
All windows are double glazed as standard
Energy efficient Gas heating system
All equipment is European A or B grade energy efficient as standard
All paints and wood treatments are odourless solvent free

All personnel and associates for OAF use public transport as their first preference.
Car sharing and pooling when public transport is not available is prioritised over single occupancy. All personnel are encouraged to use telephone conferencing, make extensive use of email and minimise the need for car-based journeys for meetings.
Walking and cycling as a means of transport is actively encouraged.
Our chosen 4×4 vehicles are class leading when it comes to fuel economy and we ensure they are in excellent working order to ensure no oil leaks or unnecessary fuel consumption.

Office and Hardware Supplies
All papers used, where possible, are recycled.
All cartridges are recycled, refilled by local cartridge recycling companies.
Paper use is minimised by use of email, rewritable CDs and memory sticks.
All building materials, where possible, are reused, recycled or reclaimed from salvage.
Timber products are from FSC sources.
Stone, sand and other building products are purchased locally within 5 mile radius to reduce road miles.

The company follows the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle policy.
Full recycling takes place at the premises through the doorstep collection by a local recycling company. This includes glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, metals and white goods.
All one side print material is reused for draft work.
We offset our carbon footprint with substantial tree planting in the many forests we operate in.

Conservation & Knowledge
The long term health of the forests and areas we work in is very important to us. We work closely with conservationists, aboriculturists and other specialists including Coillte and professional ecologists to improve all forests we operate in by replanting, conserving and encouraging natural habitats for a vast number of species of insects and animals. Wherever we use trees for our activities we put in place a tree maintenance programme to look after the health of the trees and improve their safety for forest users. Our tree based activities allow the trees to continue to grow unrestricted. You may have noticed our forest educational boards, strategically dotted around our team zones. These boards are designed to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting the world’s great forests.

Benefiting the local community
By choosing to use Xtreme.ie you are helping to directly and indirectly support a number of individuals, community organisations and businesses in Ireland and abroad. All hardware is locally purchased and many structures are constructed from on forest waste materials.

How we can improve
We know that there is always more that we could do. Wind turbines are hard to use in forestry but we are looking carefully at photovoltaic and/or biodiesel as a renewable sources of energy. This is a work in progress so please do tell us if you have a suggestion.

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