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Includes: Crate Stack, Jacobs Ladder, High All Aboard & Leap of Faith

Crate Stack

The aim of this exercise is to build a stack out of giant crates, and to build it as high as you can. The higher the stack the more likely it will topple over. If the crate stack falls so does the team! This is a fun and participative activity that will involve four team members to climb the stack. Each time the team add a crate and the tower will get higher.

Jacobs Ladder
This is another high rope activity where we offer the opportunity for both team building and selfdevelopment by confronting a range of practical challenges. Simply climb the ladder to the top! It will take all the members of your team to reach the top; testing teamwork, trust and communication to the full.

High All Aboard
Four members of the team will climb up a central pole; 18 metres high and then climb onto a small platform. Once all four members are ‘all aboard’, the team will hold hands and gradually lean back together - until all members are leaning fully over the platform.

Leap of Faith
Individuals will climb a central pole, reaching approx 18 meters high. Once at the top of the pole, they need
to position themselves onto a small platform. Once in position the whole group will count down 3, 2, 1 and
shout jump! The jumper will jump off the platform to catch the trapeze – dangling a few feet in front of
them. Each time a jump is successful the bar is placed further away!!
a.) Jumpers must leap on the countdown of the group. If they don’t they have been knocked out
b.) If a jumper fails to make the trapeze they do not complete the task
c.) The winning team is the team with the furthest jump

Fact File:
Activities: Jacobs Ladder/Crate Stack/High All Aboard/Leap of Faith
Locations: Xtreme.ie Adventure Centre @ Courtlough
Duration: Approx 3 Hours
Ages: 12+ / Minimum of 10 people required
Price: €55.35 per person

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